The Dressmaker ,in progress

2D Animated Drama Short Film - mix of media, young-adults

1st Prize Anifest 2012 Pitching Visegrád exchange Forum
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Color #5 minutes
      widescreen 16:9         
Directed by Inma Carpe
Producer Preproduction Tim Leborgne
The Open Workshop ,Denmark
Executive producers: Daniel McCoy,Pixar US - Georges Aintablian US
Script consultant Oskar Toruno, Luc Toutongui, Se- Ma- For, Poland.
CG Pol Winandy  Luxemburg
Animators Carpe , Neus Gordillo
Voice over Suzanne,Voss Keely Fields

Marie,the dressmaker, who by sewing her memories, overcomes her fear  to lose herself due Alzheimers.

  "Our memory is our coherence, our reason, our action, even our feeling, without it, we are nothing"
Luis Buñuel. 

Background  Based on the director’s mothers life,Marie; beautiful  50’s 60’s patterns,fashion designs ,paper dolls magazines (Vogue, Chanel, Dior) A true experience is dressed up with family photos and extracts from her own diary to tell how Marie faces every day fearless with the love and support of her family, by sewing,
and making every yesterday a memory of happiness.