Curriculum Vitae

Inma Carpe  

Visual development artist- Animator-Film maker Teacher   

About me

Make things happen. Make people dream. Be a positive influence.
 2D animation and visual development are my area of expertise within Film making and design, besides teaching. I extended my education as 3D artist in Germany and Denmark.
My personal work reflects an especial interest and research on collage, textures and mix of techniques to exalt human feelings, by engaging animation with fashion, sciences and education.
For what I enjoy working on different projects, either shorts, commercials or features as new challenges to explore new ideas, concepts and artistic approaches.
I am flexible but disciplined regarding to deadlines and structures, easy going and cooperative to build a good environment. Innovative at problem solving and passionate.
Experienced as a freelance animator-designer for publishers and studios, film festivals  in EU and US. Production of short films, commercials combining some teaching at colleges as San Carles College, Spain ; Heroes of life. org , California;  VIA University  College and the Animation Workshop in Denmark, whereone of my roles was coordinating the first semester of the CG artist Bachelor education line.

Work Experience

-Director at Animation Workshop, The Dressmaker, on production.
-Concept designer for LEMNIAN DEEDS tv series by Cora I. Greenwood UK-Germany-Denmark
-Teacher for The Pedagogic Centre Of Animation, Animation as a Learning tool . Via University College, Viborg, Denmark.
-Production Assistant at Hollyshorts Film Festival, Hollywood, CA.US.
- Animation teacher, production asssistant for VAF Animations Festival. Viborg,Denmark.

-Animator for Louise Show Theater, Denmark  Ant boyproduction
-Production assistant at Hollyshorts international film festival, Hollywood US
-Freelance for LALIFF, US; Alberta videopresentation, Sharon Szmolyan, Canada; Do or Die production, Discovery Channel ,CA-US.
- Director at Open Workshop studio. Concept designs, animator.

- Animator for LALIFF  spots 2010, Los Angeles, CA-US
- Texture designer for Minifreaks 3d short, Danish Film school
-Teaching Basic Maya, Professional course, Denmark.
-Animator for Integra Communication studios, Barcelona , Spain.
-Director at Animation Workshop, The Dressmaker, preproduction.
-Teaching Basic Maya  Professional course, Animation Workshop, Denmark
 -Assistant Programming, Latino international Film Festival, Los Angeles, US
 - Production Assistant  , Premis Academy Catalána in Hollywood, Los Angeles, US.
-Teaching Texturing, the Using of camera in filmmaking at CGA Bachelor, The Animation Workshop, Denmark
- Designer for Viborg Børne,uxbdomsfilmklub ,Denmark.
-Coordinator  of CG Artist Bachelor at The Animation Workshop 2007-08
-Animator, designer at Open Workshop, project prayer in The Night
- Designer,storyboarder for  3Bohemians studio, Czech Republic. Television short film  selected SIGGRAPH 2010, Los Angeles.
 2006-2007  Freelance animator-designer:
The Milefuille trailer, for Les Valenciannes Animation Festival, France; VOO doo DOG studio, London; Susaeta  Publisher ,Spain.
 -3D animator, modeler at Silentium , For Mega Blocks-Canada , Andro studios, Valencia-Spain .

-2D Animator, art director at Fernseh Akademie Mitteldeutchland (FAM) Germany
- Filmmaking and Drawing  teacher at Illes Balears High School, Valencia Spain.


Visual development-concept design
2D animation
Texture designer
Animation-filmmaking teacher
Softwares :  Photoshop, after effects, Tv paint, Premier, Fusion, Maya,Stop motion Pro.
Pc & Mac

-Master Degree at Fine Arts : 2D animation-design specialties San Carles College-Valencia. Spain
  -3D Artist for feature films and video games . The Animation Workshop, Denmark ,Paul Topolos, Lawrence Marvit, Pixar.
- Adaptation Pedagogy Course, (teacher diploma) Valencia  2004, Spain
-Animation Production Masterclass for film,TV and Cross Media. The Animation Workshop, Denmark.


Character Design,art book exhibition,  Altea Culture House , Alicante- Spain
Collaboration with Anja Krakowsky (art direction and photography) Calpe, Spain
Maritim Painting exhibition Alicante, Spain
Brief introduction to the Animation process, art book exhibition, Altea Museum, Spain
RENFE Sculpture exhibition, sponsored by Generalitat Valenciana  Railway, Spain
Collaboration at Performance.:  Donas day  (with Rocio Villalonga artist) Principal Theatre of Valencia, Spain
Under suspicious, Digital  Illustrations Exhibition , sale Josep Renau, Valencia, Spain
Bits, Digital sculpture exhibition San Carles Faculty ,Valencia, Spain

Postgraduated short courses

  -International Animation Masterclass, Halle, Saale-Germany,2003- 2004
  -Lip Sync and acting, Animation Workshop, Denmark.; with Rych Quade, Pixar
-Czech workshop 2006, Prague ( jiri trenka, Ptr Fasianok, Animation people studio)-Cycles in Animation, Workshop at FAm Akademie, with Michaela Pavlatová, Gein Deitch., ( Germany
-Relations between a productor and a producer in animation/ Miguel Vidal y Aramis A Costa ( ICAIC, Cuba)
-Movements of camera in Animation/Raimund Krumme San Carlos, Valencia 2002, Spain
-Timing   Animation / Michael Dudok Le Wit, San Carlos, Valencia 2003, Spain
--Masterclass in Maya &  Multimedia production, 3D Studio Max , Valencia , Spain
-First Certificate of English, British Council ,UK .

Short Films:

The Dressmaker, remnants of a life  WIP 2D short, 4 minutes. Open Workshop DK; Se-ma-form studios, Poland . Mix of media. On production. Awarded at Anifest 2012 Pitch Forum.

Prayer in the Night,2008:  2d erotic animation short, 04 min. 02 seconds . Producer: Tim Leborgne-Animation Workshop, founded by Danish Film Institute. Denmark.

Selections  :
 8th Anifest: Mezinárodní Festival Animovaných Filmů 2009 | 1 May - 10 May | Czech Republic
24th Odense Film Festival 2009 | 17 Aug - 21 Aug | Denmark
International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision" St.Petersburg, Russia

15th Fantastisk Filmfestival, Lund International Fantastic Film Festival  Sweden
16th Bradford Animation Festival 2009 | 10 Nov - 14 Nov | United Kingdom
Bel Air Film Festival 2009 | 13 Nov - 19 Nov | USA
Trickytri 2010 Women, International Film Festival  Austria   4-8 March
Cartoons on the bay,Pulcinella Awards 2010 15-18 April Portofino, Italy
Hollyshorts 2010, International Film Festival   5-12 August Hollywood, California US
Cine Animado-Expotoons 2010 , Argentina     November 2010
Los Angeles Women International film festival, CA March 2011
California International Animation Festival , CA June 2011
"In the Winter Palace", 2004,. 2d animation short.  Producer: Fam Akademie, Germany, selected at:                                      
Awarded at Animacam 2009, best retrospective. short film
Anifest 2006, trebon (Prague) ,
Mínima 2005-Spain, Screened on Halle Main Theater,  Germany.
 The little red riding hood, 2003.  358 seg, 2D Bachelor short, Producer: San Carles BBAA, Valencia.   Selected in :
 Zagreb 2004, Croatia;
Animamundi 2004, Sao Paulo , Brazil;
Mínima 2004, Spain,
Mostra de Sagunt 2006, Valencia ,Spain.
Animacam online 2010, Spain

Spots 30 sec.:

"Joli Dragon" 2003 30 sec.puppet animation spot for Aids Day , Producer: San CArles, Valencia, Spain. Selected in:
Animacam 2010, Winner Best Retrospective short, Spain
Animac, Lérida, Spain;
Canal PLus- Spain;
 AnimaMundi (Brazil and Sao Paulo) 2003;
ARCO 2003, International Art Market Madrid, Spain
More commercials:
Trailer 15th Anniversary LALIFF, director Marlene Dermer, Hollywood US
Teaser LALIFF 2010, director Marlene Dermer, Hollywood US
Antboy teaser , Denmark 2011 director Louise Shouw
Daddys girl. Campaign for Barbie I can Be US.  Selected at Animacam 2011
Campain for dislexia 2010, Barcelona ,Spain
TAk 2009, 3 Bohemians  producer, Prague , Czech Republic
 "Whispering" 2003 30 sec. 2d animation teaser for festival.  Producer: San CArles, Valencia.
Selected in Animadrid Film Festival 2003,Spain
"Peace" 2003(directors:Miguel Vidal / Aramis l Costa) 2D animation spot for the Peace Day. -cooproduction between  ICAIC, Cuba, and San Carles, Spain.
Screened at Sale Josep Renau, Valencia.